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  • Lightweight and small script, does not affect on page speed score

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Measure the webpage speed key components one by one

Time To First Byte - this component reflects how fast does your server respond. The value may vary between different countries.
First Contentful Paint is the elapsed time between request has been sent, and browser rendered the first element of your webpage
Largest Contentful Paint marks the point in the page load timeline when the page's main content has likely loaded. A faster LCP leads to faster user-interactions
Cumulative Layout Shift is an important, user-centric metric for measuring visual stability. Unexpected layout shifts lead to a bad user experience.
Transfer Size
Keep tracking the size of resources transferred in average request, breakdown by its kind, as well as memory usage on clients' side. 

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Detect Slow Pages brings an easy way to detect slow pages of your website, with just 1 click you will see which pages were loaded slowly today or in the past. 

All reported pages, as well as any URL of the website, can be pasted and explored deeper. We track all requests, so vitals and resource usage can be monitored per each page.

Analyze The Website Speed Insights Per Divisions

Measure the speed per Device Type, OS and Browsers

Device Type
Track how your website performs on different kinds of devices. The user-centric measurements are tightly co-related with specific device types, for instance, smartphones render the page slower than PCs
Operating System
We brought rivals between OS into a measurable field, the dashboard allows to compare various  page speed metrics on different operating systems, it is easy now to compare iOS vs Android or MacOS vs Windows or Linux.
As browsers are the final component on the request chain, it is very important to follow the metrics per each browser and determine the exact browsers where the website was slow. By detecting exact browser will be helpful to fix the issues and make the page faster.

Regional Analysis

Easily detect regions or countries where the website had poor performance.
For instance, In the given example below, we easily can see that the website had lower TTFBs in Europe (especially France, Austria, Ukraine),
relatively poor in South America (Peru and Brazil), and very poor in China.